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Servo Press Systems

Automated Servo Press & Control Units

TOX® PRESSOTECHNIK offers electric servo presses, which are modular and easy to configure. These servo proesss systems provide a wide spectrum of applications, such as forming or press fit operations, safety oriented applications and sheet metal joining processes such as clinching. This reliable electric drive offers press forces from 2 - 1000 kN.


Electric Servo Press Features

  • Energy saving
  • High precision due to adaptable, regulated deflection compensation
  • Simple and comprehensive parameter setting, control, service through TOX®softWare
  • Can be run on most operating systems
  • Performance level e as per EN ISO 13849-1 and SIL3 as per EN/IEC 62061 is possible
  • Standalone operation without PC/PLC is possible
  • The system is pre-configured and calibrated: plug and work!
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Servo presses as a complete package

We supply equipment to the automotive, appliance, electronic, medical industries and more. Our Drives are used in the assembly of automotive panels, medical items, and much more.

Series overview

Electromechanical drives

The servo drives - depending on type with ball point or planetary roller spindle. Reliable and strong.

TOX®-Servo Controller

The central intelligence! Complete control unit, incl. ballast resistor and Ethernet cable.


The TOX®softWare has no licence fee and can be used on all operating system with Java Runtime Environment (JRE).

Accessories for TOX®-ElectricDrive

To make work-life easier and more efficient we offer a variety of accessories for our TOX®-ElectricDrives.

TOX®-ElectricDrive system components

The TOX®-ElectricDrive system consists of servo controller, ballast-resistor, cable-kit and TOX®softWare.


Clinching is a cold-forming process that allows sheet metal and other materials to be fastened together without the need for bolts, rivets, or adhesives.
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There are lots of application possibilities for the TOX®-Tongs, pressframes and presses
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Pressing-in and mounting of bushings and bearings, production of precise force-fitting assemblies
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Fastener insertion
Complete system solutions for the insertion of function elements
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You have to identify your products? You need to hold a part safely for additional work?
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We offer you standardized but highly flexible products for riveting, crimping, flaring...
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It does not matter whether you want to process sheet metal, plastics, cardboard, textiles or foils
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